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Homes For Youth was incorporated in August 2014 and is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, licensed to solicit funds in North Carolina.  ​

Provide Homes, Help, and Hope to Henderson County youth who have lost their homes.


A network of housing solutions, both short and long term, which will serve the many needs of our county's displaced and homeless youth.




EDUCATE the public about youth 

homelessness in our county and talk about what we can do together to effectively change things for the better.​ 

CALL passionate and determined people in our county to action on behalf of homeless teens, promoting advocacy, volunteer work, investment, and fostering.

EQUIP foster parents with the nessescary resources to help their children thrive.

SUPPORT DSS by providing a comfortable space, meals, and childcare for Foster Parent training classes.

HOUSE teens in their county of origin, allowing them to remain in their home school. This increases the likelihood of teens completing high school, and is less disruptive than an out of county placement.  This also allows homeless youth to  keep their surrounding social structure intact.

ENSURE a brighter future.  A nurturing will allow each young person to reach his/her full potential. 

  • Finishing school

  • Pursuing higher education

  • Finding employment

  • Furnishing necessary life skills for financial independence


ESTABLISH additional foster homes.

ESTABLISH "Host Home" program

REACH more youth.  We hope to extend our services to also help those youth in need, outside the foster care system.  

"We want to take a central role in spreading the awareness of the problem of  youth homelessness and in participating with others to provide creative solutions."

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