Spring 2020 Newsletter


Greetings Friends, Donors and Supporters from your Homes for Youth Board.   At the time of the Winter newsletter, we were looking to moving forward on the goals set forth in our fall workshop.  With the onset of Covid-19, those plans have temporarily abated.  We press on helping to provide homes, help and hope for Henderson County youth who have lost their homes.  That is our revised mission statement in our new brochure.  We had several meetings to develop this new brochure to tell our story and what we do.


“We received a phone call from DSS regarding a 16 year old girl. She had been living with relatives but there was constant strife in their home.  She looked for a place of peace.  She came into our home with no expectations but it was not long before her life was changed by the love she felt in our home for her.
 We were able to help her find her first job and to develop a good work ethic. We also took the time to teach her to drive. She got her license easily. She had the desire to go into nursing. After completing the CNA course, she now works at our local hospital and at Hospice as she continues to study for her RN license.”   These are the words of Susan Lee, the foster mom in our Homes for Youth house.   We have several stories like this.  Yes, foster children are a challenge and some stories do not always have a good outcome, but many foster parents struggle daily to provide the love and direction that has been missing in the lives of these children.  Presently we have four teenage girls and the toddler sister of one at our home.

We had planned a fundraiser in April at Three Chopt restaurant supplied by the owner, Matthew Rogers.  We will reschedule this spaghetti dinner later in the year. 

On March 12, we had planned to attend the Rising Leaders graduation program sponsored by the United Way to interview potential board members.  Because of the spread of the coronavirus, the event was cancelled.  We have two vacancies and some of our board members will be ageing out.  If you feel the call to serve, please let us know. 

Saving the less than good news, we need to replace the roof on the house.  The previous owner had a substandard installation and the roof is leaking and will deteriorate in other areas.  After reviewing a couple of bids, the cost will be $11,000.  As always we appreciate your generosity to help with this cost.  We will be applying for a grant, but the outcome is unknown and will be four months or more to know if it would be forthcoming and the amount.

Stay safe during this traumatic period in our world.  While we sorrow for the loss of many, take joy in the springtime in our beautiful community.


Thank you for supporting Homes for Youth.

Our placements are made by referral from DSS.  If you are in need of housing or know someone who is, please call Henderson County DSS.



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