Our placements are made by referral from DSS.  If you are in need of housing or know someone who is, please call Henderson County DSS.



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Spring Newsletter


Greetings Friends, Donors and Supporters.  We have had a busy spring and here are some highlights.


We added two new Board members who will help us substantially because of their experience and connections in the community.  John Lauterbach, Executive Director of Safelight, joined us in January and has been a significant contributor to H4Y.  And in April, Kelly Hart joined our board.  Kelly has ten years experience working for nonprofits including Smart Start Partnership for Children.   Also David Lambert is now a board member as Recording Secretary along with all his other tasks he performs for us.


We have been networking with other interested groups building our brand in the community.  We joined the Chamber of Commerce and Jim Nelson has been representing us. 


Darlene Stone and Denny McBride of DSS came to a meeting and briefed us on the status of trained foster parents and placed foster children.  At the February meeting they reported 63 licensed homes and 37 with placements and 131 children in custody (some are placed out of the county.)  The goal is to have 100 licensed homes.  H4Y has been helping DSS by providing training space with a meal and childcare.  DSS is most grateful for out support.


We met with Matt Gruebmeyer , Office of Student Services of Henderson County Schools.  Our purpose was to reacquaint him with the progress at H4Y and to learn more about the status of homeless children in the county.  At the end of 2018, there were 318 homeless children in the school system.  Obviously there is work to be done.

John Lauterbach invited McCray Benson, Executive Director of the Community Foundation to our May meeting.  We had a very encouraging dialogue with Mr. Benson.  He gave us many ideas about funding from several foundations and we plan to continue our discussions with the Community Foundation regarding a capital campaign for another house.  We are also considering retaining a consultant to develop a strategic plan of fund raising. 


At the house earlier in the spring, two of the girls we had were united with an aunt, recently discharged from the military.  The girls were able to continue in school here.  On May 20 we had five girls ages 17, 17, 14, 12, 11 living at the house.  The 11 year old moved to her grandmother’s the following Saturday. She lived in the house for 16 months. DSS has contacted the Lee's about another 14 year old who will probably be moving in when school gets out. 


We recently had a new AC unit installed.  The majority of cost was financed through donations by Providence Baptist Church and Mt. Pisgah Lutheran Church.


We now have a landscaper to maintain the yard since there were tasks that we didn’t want the Lees to do.  And thanks to Doreen Huskes for maintaining the shrubs and flower beds.  And does anyone have a suggestion for a name for the house?  Call or email a board member if you do.

We are very cognizant of the trust you put in us to handle your donations faithfully.  We had a financial review of the 2017 accounts and practices and there were two or three minor concerns which we addressed.  We will have a review of the 2018 finances shortly.


And one last thing, “Save The Date” of September 26 at 6 pm. for our silent auction at 305 Lounge and Eatery next to Mike’s on Main.   We had a very good one last year and this one will be better! 


Thank you for supporting Homes for Youth.