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    We got a call from DSS a few years ago about an 8 year old girl. She had been staying with her aunt that could not keep her anymore. She came into our home with the normal fears that a child would have, afraid of the dark, new environment, and new faces. She had a great resolve to overcome her fears, which she has done. The only big worry for her was what would be her “forever” home.
    She quickly became endeared to us and us to her as well. We offered our extended family to give depth of self-identity. By doing this, it sparked a desire in one of our adult daughters to provide her with her “forever” home. Her identity has changed from foster child to grandchild. She is such a blessing to our family!

    We received another phone call from DSS regarding a 16 year old girl. She had been living with relatives but there was constant strife  in their home. She looked for a place of peace. She came into our home with no expectations but it was not long before her life was changed by the love she felt in our home for her.
    We were able to help her find her first job and to develop good work ethics. We also took the time to teach her to drive. She got her license easily. She had the desire to go into nursing. After completing the CNA course, she now works at our local hospital and at Hospice as she continues to study for her RN license.

    We got a call from DSS regarding a ten year old girl. She had 2 younger brothers that were also taken into care. They were separated due to lack of foster homes. We took the time to help her catch up with school work and it paid huge dividends as she began to win awards for academics and behavioral quality.
    She still longed to be reunited with her brothers but it didn’t seem possible. In time we were able to set up sibling visits. During these visits, the foster parents of her brothers saw how special their bond was. They decided that they would take the leap of faith and adopt all 3 children. Now their bond will last forever!

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