Winter Newsletter 2019


Greetings Friends, Donors and Supporters from your Homes for Youth Board.  We are excited about the opportunities we face in 2020.  More about that later.

Fall Fundraiser 2019

We had a successful silent auction in September exceeding the results from last year.  Thanks to the support of you, Entegra Bank, and the venue, 305 Lounge and Eatery.  Special thanks to Patty Adamic and Aubrey Hollar, our hosts at the venue.   We raised about $3600 toward the support of our home.  And of course we thank our contributors for all the fine items for sale.  

Maintenance Issues

The black mold removal was completed and the basement area looks much better now.  We are removing the excess furnishings that are not needed by our foster parents and children.  Removing these items will improve air circulation with the new dehumidifier to be purchased soon.  Also we have a new refrigerator replacing the old defective one.  


Resident Status

At the house, we presently have four girls who have been there for some time.  A special Thanksgiving dinner was enjoyed through the preparation by St. John’s in the Wilderness.  

Looking to the Future

Last month Ruth Birge conducted a board retreat and workshop for us.  Some of you probably know Ruth; she is quite experienced in working with nonprofits in Hendersonville.  We felt we needed to be more intentional with developing a work plan to support our present activities and to acquire another house.  The retreat was very successful pointing out what we have done well and opportunities for improvement.  Action plans for the near term and beyond with task assignments have been established.  The retreat and its outcome is the reason for the excitement alluded in my opening statement.  As a bonus, we just received grant approval from the Community Foundation of Henderson County for the consultant fee.   Another public recognition of the fine work we have done in our community over the years.


Thank you for supporting Homes for Youth

During this holiday season, we are especially thankful for the support of our church partners.  During December we have received substantial donations from Grace Lutheran, Women’s Guild at Immaculate Conception, St. John’s in the Wilderness, and First United Methodist.   And of course we have generous donations from our individual supporters too. 

 As you consider your contributions at year end and thinking about next year, you can make direct contributions to us from your tax deferred investments like IRA’s.    Instead of taking all of your minimum required distributions as income, you can contribute part of that to Homes for Youth.   That contribution will not count as income thus saving you income tax.  As usual consult your tax preparer for further advice.  

We are grateful for your support.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Our placements are made by referral from DSS.  If you are in need of housing or know someone who is, please call Henderson County DSS.



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